A hypnotic land of beautiful landscapes, sunshine & culture. Let us guide you through this Central African experience starting from Kigali the capital city along the borders and the heart of the country.

A visit to the spectacular landscape where the famous “Mountain Gorillas” survive will capture your hearts. This is where the small yet diverse little country – Rwanda, will hypnotize you.

A precious little love affair has just begun!

We shall further assist the love affair to grow with visits to the National Parks of Akagera & Nyungwe Rain Forest, the numerous lakes, the mosaic tea plantations & the extremely exotic yet graceful Intore dances.

Rwanda is a country where “Love” has been un-exploited! You, your family & friends are welcome to exploit this natural resource to your hearts content.

If you don’t believe us, read the book “The Land of a Thousand Hills” by Mrs. Rosamund Carr!