Rwanda has three National Parks namely Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National park and Akagera national park. All the three parks are of great importance to Rwanda, the neighboring countries and the world at Large.

  1. Volcanoes National park; it is the number one park in Rwanda. It is famous for hosting mountain Gorillas which are mostly visited in Rwanda. Gorilla trekking is the most popular tourist activity in Rwanda. Therefore, volcanoes National park is found in the northern region of Rwanda in Musanze district. It is the second largest park in Rwanda after Nyungwe Forest national park.

Volcanoes National park hosts ten habituated Mountain Gorilla groups including Susa gorilla group, Agasha or the 13 group, Amahoro gorilla group, sabyinyo Gorilla group among others.

Volcanoes national park consists of Virunga Mountains where Gorilla trekking experience takes place on the slopes – indeed, Virungas add more value to Gorilla trekking by offering the beautiful scenic view. Some of the Virunga Volcanoes seen while trekking Gorillas in Rwanda includes Visoke/ Bisoke Volcano, Sabyinyo Volcano, Karisimbi Volcano, Gahinga Volcano and so on.

Alongside Gorilla trekking, Volcanoes national park also offers Golden monkey trekking. Golden monkey trekking is the second thought after activity after Gorilla trekking. Both Gorilla and Golden monkey trekking have similar process: 1 hour is given to view them, starts with briefing, same rules and regulations, involves photographing, starts in the morning and guided by rangers among others.

Volcanoes National park is the nearby park to reach, followed by Akagera national park and then Nyungwe Forest National park.

Other activities done in Volcanoes national Park include: Birding, Cultural tours, nature walks, community tours, volcanic views and mountain biking among others.

Volcanoes National Park accommodates luxury, mid-range and Budget accommodation. Some of them include Mountain gorilla View Lodge, Sabyinyo Silver back Lodge, Virunga lodge, Le bamou Gorilla Lodge, Muhabura Hotel and Kinigi Guest house among others.

  1. Nyungwe Forest national park; It is the largest National park in Rwanda. It is located in far distant area from Kigali (7-8 hours) drive. Nyungwe is the station for primates and 13 primate species is recorded. Nyungwe Forest is one of the largest tropical forest in East Africa and the world at large. Nyungwe hosts Chimpanzees, ververt monkeys, mona monkeys and so on.

Chimps are majorly trekked followed by Colobus monkeys and others.

Nyungwe forest is still a pure destination for tourists- all visitors are advised to go and breathe in Fresh air.

Lodges in Nyungwe forest national park: Nyungwe Forest Lodge, Gisakura Guest House, Nyungwe Hilltop view Hotel.

  1. Akagera national park; It is known for hosting a variety of wild animals and birds. Some of the animals include Buffaloes, elephants, lions, antelope species, and many more. Reaching Akagera National park from Kigali is 3-4hours drive.

Lake Ihema in Akagera National park gives a wonderful boat trip to visit the water loving animals and birds. Nyungwe national park is mainly for Game drives, followed by others activities like birding, community walks among others.

Lodges in Akagera national park include Akagera game Lodge, Ruzizi tented camp and so on.